Northbrook Action Baseball

About Us


What is NAB?

Directed by Mark Gerstein and Scott Weiner, Northbrook Action Baseball is a developed and quality t-ball, baseball, and softball program for anyone in pre-school through 2nd grade (boys) or 3rd grade (girls) who wants a chance to become a star. In this pre-little league/softball league experience, children learn the basic fundamentals of the game, like hitting, catching, throwing, running bases, etc. They meet new friends and have tons of fun in an organized, low-key atmosphere. Players really look forward to attending all of the games and practices. 


How is the league set up?

The league is split up into six divisions:

  • T-Ball (pre-schoolers in the fall of 2019)
  • Girls Minor K/1 (girls presently in kindergarten/1st grade, 19-20)
  • Boys Minor (boys presently in kindergarten, 19-20)
  • Boys Intermediate (boys presently in 1st grade, 19-20)
  • Girls Major Softball 2/3 (girls presently in 2nd/3rd grade, 19-20)
  • Boys Major (boys presently in 2nd grade, 19-20)


How do I get my child involved?

Registration is held, by mail, on a first come, first served basis. Everyone who succeeds in getting their registration in early, during the “REQUEST” sign up period, will be assigned to a team and be guaranteed of playing in every inning of every game. If a parent or coach wants to form their own team, they can gather all of their players’ registration forms and checks, then send them in a large brown envelope to the address listed on top of the player League Registration Form. No more than 13 players will be allowed on any team.